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Day 4 contunued….


waiting patiently for their turn


learning how to brush their teeth, and loving the taste of the bubblegum toothpaste and disclosing tablets!


Kids saw me go to brush my teeth after lunch and jumped at the chance at more toothpaste and disclosing tablets lol


another very happy elder after receiving his relined denture…wish we could have made more


these 2 cuties!


so adorable


a little shy…..


Margo Louise and Stan hard at work


Lloyd keeping our equipment running


checking in with Ya Nee


Patti and Ian


This little guy was the best patient so stoic!


the children getting instructions


curious little one peeking in the window at as while we work


Pam posing with her very happy patient showing of her new smile


Tired little kids. they get bused in at 9 and wait all day till the bus comes back to get them at 6:00

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Warning…car horn may sound without warning!

The computer at our hotel here in Hanoi, Vietnam only had a USB connection and would not let me download my pictures to this computer, so I had to borrow these photos from the Internet.  (Disclaimer:  Please note that we do not own nor take any credit for any of these photos whatsoever.)

In order to drive in Yangon, Myanmar you need to know 2 things about driving!  1)  How to use your horn and 2) Yup, you guessed it!  How to use your horn!  Oh yeah, I forgot 3) You have to be aggressive!  Be, be aggressive!  And how to use your horn!

Tom yum soup.jpg

We flew out of Buriram, Thailand with much ease to Bangkok.  From there we had a 3 hour layover, where Dr. Gloria and myself enjoyed some Tom Yum soup!  Dr. Bill had left by the time Dr. Gloria and myself were finishing some of our last bites!  They one thing I never asked, but she already knew…this soup is CRAZY SMOKING SPICY HOT!  I was sweating and my lips were on fire!  Dr. Gloria continues to say over and over, “I love this spicy food!”  Even she agreed that it was pretty spicy and that she was sweating too!

Here is a picture of the front of the airport along with the arch of the airport.  We arrived in Yangon, Myanmar early in the afternoon and quickly learned that unlike Thailand, speed wasn’t probably going to kill us here but we were either going to go deaf from the consistent horn blowing or we might end up in a fender bender with all of the organized chaos of having to thread the needle in and our of traffic!  Here’s a link about Myanmar:

Here is a picture of some of the congestion of 6 million people that live in the capital city.  Also a picture of one of the many buses that still operate today along with a colectivo shuttling the common folk and school kids!

seeds of hope logo

We went to the grocery store called Ocean and bought a bunch of stuff for The Seeds of Hope Myanmar Orphanage called Precious Gems Childrens Home where we dropped off some food, colouring books, crayons, and soccer balls!  My two hand puppets Lizzy and Rosie agreed that they wanted to stay with the children!

The children were delighted to see us and recieve all of their presents.  As each new item got revealed, they all exclaimed, “Whoooooooooh! louder and louder!  It was such a cool feeling to had witnessed that in person!  Check out the link below for more information and how to get involved:

We concluded our 2nd full day in Myanmar by visiting the Shwedagon (Golden) Pagoda!  This photo doesn’t do this place justice, as it was just too surreal to be real!  Click on this link for more info:

Once I am able to upload my photos from a different computer, I will either add to this blog and/or create a whole new one!  We took lots of photos and lots of the orphanage, so we’d love to share them with you!

Sherry had joined us today in Hanoi, Vietnam , so now there were 6!

Thanks for reading and good night everybody!


A village elder receiving her new partial denture


The elder was so happy she wanted to thank Lloyd who made the partial for her


The elders husband waited patiently, and when he saw his wife’s new smile , he said ” Whoo who! then they got on their bike and drove off..

Today , was a very long day, a bus with 20 more students came to the clinic, we all were very tired at the end of it but we are all excited about tomorrow.

More pictures to follow tomorrow …..

Menchi Bamboo School Day 3


Students taking part in oral hygiene instruction


Taking impressions for some much needed dentures


Dr “Chart doing his part

IMG_0984 - Copy

Students taking a “break”


Dean of “Khon Kaen ” University, Thailand paid a visit to see the work we are doing

IMG_0998 - Copy - Copy

Ian and Patti, making a difference


Stan working hard on some removable appliances for some of the villagers


Team “2” posing for a photo at the end of the day


Dave doing his part in Oral hygiene instruction lol!

IMG_0977 - Copy

IMG_1002 - Copy (2)

Min Yee instructing the students how to care for their teeth


Dave doing his part in Oral hygiene instruction lol!  

It has been a busy 2 days treating the children from near by villages and the elders.   Lots of needed dentures but unfortunately not enough to go around, although allot of fillings and extractions to get people out of pain.

Hard to send the elders away without any dentures when some have walked a very long way :(.  Doing what we can with what we have… making a difference no doubt, but never seems enough.






Our wonderful interpreters!


Ian and Patti getting dowm to business


Harj and Pam

Day 1 was a busy day getting ourselves organized, it didn’t take us long to get into the groove and  apply our skills.  Replaced some missing teeth , and created allot of smiles!

Tomorrow brings another day of children in need ,we are


Judy getting us organized

looking forward to making a difference!

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